Eating right for my type. B positive.

by therapyjourney

I’ve tried other things to regulate my energy levels, including “eating right for my type”. This is an idea originally propounded by Dr. Peter D’Adamo in his book ‘Eat Right For Your Type’. We all belong to one of 4 blood groups and it is often overlooked that different types benefit from different foods. And of course, what’s healthy and energy-giving for one group may be toxic for another. I heard about this idea a few months ago, it was told to me by a type O who had been following it all her adult life. I was sceptical but intrigued and it’s taken me this long to give it a go myself. I thought that the journey would be the perfect time to try it out.

I am type B. The key foods I must avoid “like poison” are chicken, tomato, olives, wheat, corn, buckwheat and rye. There are others to avoid too, including all pork products, seafood, lentils, most nuts and all seeds, couscous, avocado, coconut, rhubarb, cinnamon, all oil except olive oil, black pepper and any carbonated drinks. Which is a shame! I’ve always been an omnivore and taken pleasure in all food. I am not prone to overeating, but I revel in the joy of tastes, smells, sights of food and I love to cook.

Type B is in the middle of types A and O and is therefore more fluid with the ability to move up or down the spectrum. Us Bs straddle the animal and vegetable kingdoms, and are the only type that can manage any kind of dairy (particularly low fat). We have fewer risk factors for disease, but greater susceptibility for slow-growing lingering viruses.

Bs aren’t the best at handling stress, and often overreact when feeling out of balance. Bs suffer from difficulty recovering from stressful situations, brain fog during the day, disrupted sleep, increased risk from depression, and suppressed immune function.

I’ve been following the eating regime for around two weeks now (I’ll call it diet from now on, though this has weightloss connotations). What I hope to gain out of it is improvements in digestive function, resistance to stress, overall energy and mental clarity. It actually hasn’t been particularly difficult, although there has been an almighty shift in what I do eat. Cutting out wheat and gluten has been the trickiest because it’s in so much of what’s tasty and convenient – sandwiches, pizza, pasta, noodles, biscuits, baked treats! Tomato also as it’s in so many sauces, though fresh tomatoes for instance in a salad are almost OK as they are mostly water. It’s a challenge not being able to eat whatever foods I feel like – and instead buying from specialist sections and reading ingredient lists thoroughly. But I have felt great about doing it as I know it’s good for me and contributes to my overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Over the past fortnight I have found a vast improvement in my mindset, with overall less stress and fewer confused or circular thoughts. With the exception of yesterday when I felt very tired for reasons unknown, I have been experiencing good energy levels and have actually been going to bed later than normal. I haven’t felt the need for my bed as soon as I finish work, and actually have had various activities straight after work every evening for at least four weeks now. I think this is a great step forwards, and intend to continue with the blood group diet for as long as seems practicable.