Happiness is a warm MIGUN. Pull my finger.

by therapyjourney

The MIGUN thermal massage is a lovely, comforting treatment, though I’m not sure the benefits are anything more than nice feelings of warmth and cosiness. The benefits during prolonged usage are, according to their website, pain relief, increased flexibility and circulation, and overall health and well-being improvements. There are a lot of testimonials from people who had bad backs, now mysteriously gone. They all live in Florida.

You keep your clothes on and lie on a bumpy couch. I chose to have an eye mask and some calming sea sounds on during the massage. The couch uses heated jade rollers to target acupressure and chiropractic points on the body to give you a relaxing massage. The rollers rise, fall, move around and apply gentle pressure to your legs, thighs, bottom, back, neck and shoulders. It’s kind of like logs rolling beneath you. If your body isn’t relaxed I think it would hurt.

The thermal aspect is nice. The moving parts of the bench warm up gradually and you also have an electric heat pad which you can position anywhere you need healing. I put it on my chest.

I’m not really used to massages of any kind so I don’t have much of a basis for comparison. But I didn’t achieve any deep peace or lasting effects to my body, but it was pleasant enough. The deep breathing which is insisted upon helps I guess. The MIGUN has had a lot of negative or unconvinced reviews and even made Quackwatch’s Index of Questionable Devices. Great for tired shoppers to pop in and try, but I’m not too sure about the health claims.

The practitioner, E, also talked about energy and an approach (not related to MIGUN, but I asked her what else she did), called Jin Shin Jyutsu. The roots of this ‘physio philosophy’ are Japanese, though I see from the leaflets I was handed that ‘JSJ Inc.’ is registered in Arizona, USA and Jin Shin Jyutsu is a registered trademark.

The flow of energy is up the back of one’s body and down the front. Like water, energy’s nature is to flow, it doesn’t want to stand still. E spoke of energy locks and identified three that relate to a specific ongoing health issue I have with my sinuses. There are 26 energy locks in the body. They are the pathways that feed life into our bodies. When a path becomes blocked, the stagnation disrupts the surrounding area and the eventually the body’s complete energy flow. The way to unlock the blocked pathways is by holding a combination of fingers (yes, really) which relate to the specific area in question.


For example for me, I was told that energy lock #4, which is located in the upper neck, measures intelligence. This lock is called The Window and harmonises with the ring finger. By simply holding my ring finger in the fingers of my other hand, I am addressing the block which was causing the problem sinuses. She said I can even alternate which finger I hold depending on which nostril is affected.

Another good finger to hold for me would be the middle finger as this relates to “submission of the personal consciousness to the direction of universal mind”. This is energy lock #12. It is apparently a very important energy lock, as “1+2=3”. Beats me, too.

The third energy lock to focus on is #11 – justice, the distributor. This is the lock responsible for all one’s burdens, the unloading of excess baggage. This one stays quiet for years, then with one drop too much, overflows. I don’t know what finger that is.

As well as clasping the fingers there are other ways of regulating and harmonising energy flow according to Jin Shin Jyutsu such as basic exercises in which you keep the right hand on the top of the head, while holding the fingers of your left hand between the eyebrows, then on the tip of the nose, on your breastbone at the centre of the sternum, above the solar plexus and finally on top of the pubic bone. Then you place your right hand on the coccyx. All that is needed is a couple of minutes’ gentle pressure and for a pulsation to be perceived.

I like the idea of this physio-philosophy and while the finger stuff is lost on me, I will try and basic exercises. I found a good in-depth guide which I hope can form the basis for my attempts at embracing, or at least dabbling in, Jin Shin Jyutsu.