Flicking the energy bean. Confidence anchors.

by therapyjourney

I tried out some of the exercises from a book I’m reading, NLP, Bullet Guide by Mo Shapiro. I tried them out with a friend who I think could also benefit from learning some of these techniques. The one that really stuck with her (she has used it since last night, and will continue to, as will I) was creating a confidence anchor.

You think of a time when you were at your most confident. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. Once you have reached a strong memory of the experience and the sensory stimulation you received at the time, make it more powerful. Keep raising the intensity and squeeze you thumb and forefinger together. Keep squeezing while the intensity builds more and more. Develop the feeling into its most confident state and then release the squeeze.

The idea is that any time you need to build up feelings of confidence and control, you simply use your anchor to unlock those positive past states. I think of it as an energy button, which in order to be continually effective, must not only be utilised on a regular basis but must also be stacked with further intense confident emotions. It hasn’t worked for me yet.

It takes a lot to stay focussed on these ideas, and to remember to practice the various different exercises regularly. Especially when there is so much going on in my life and absolutely no aspect of it feels settled. I know that sounds like an excuse but that’s how I feel. I feel as if I need a mantra or a motto, something that I can summon up in times of need. When I call it to mind, all of the positive thoughts that I need to reach at that moment will be instantly accessible. A power button is all very well but I would like to create something with more emotional weight to it. Words tend to mean a lot to me, sometimes too much. I would like my power button to be a verbal one that straight away upon reciting it in my head or under my breath, I can access a concept about happiness or self-acceptance. The words should encapsulate some meaningful truth that I have uncovered on the journey so far. Something to do with being humble, accepting who I am, being aware of the present moment, getting on better with people that matter, and feeling more confident.