Creativity lets us know ourselves. Love is all.

by therapyjourney

I spent some time yesterday creating. I reconnected with a medium that in the past gave me so much freedom, satisfaction and authenticity. It was very good for me. My brain is ticking over and feeding the input/ output machine, which is a brilliant feeling. I’m so enthused and engaged by this thing that I give myself. It is so important to realise the resources that are inside all of us. Looking at my artistic life, creativity has been there when I went through illness and resulting isolation, depression, and other painful emotional states in life. Art has saved me.

It has also helped me reach out to other people in my life who create in a similar way. Sharing our skills and passions adds fuel to the fire. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my creativity. I guess I’d not really thought about creativity as something to be thankful for. It’s always just been there, the urge to create and record the moments that go by. Sometimes I almost resent it, as at times in the past I’ve chosen sitting at home making something over going out and experiencing something. But there’s nothing wrong with that, and I am very proud of the artist that I am and have been, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m finding good thoughts in my head most of the time. Sometimes bad ones slip in but I am getting better at recognising irrational or unkind thoughts, and controlling them. I feel more aware of my place in the world, lucky certainly, and I’m hoping this will continue to bring a sense of humility. It’s one day at a time but I have plenty of positive and excited thoughts about the future and about the present moment. I don’t have dread about anything – not work or relationship woes or anything at all really. I’d love to keep moving in this direction and above all to be strong and resilient – in a position where I choose for nothing to hurt me. When I have reached a more stable level and have proved to myself that the changes are lasting, I think I will turn to a more spiritual route as I’d love to get my teeth into some meaningful life concepts that offer hope and guidance and are all about goodness and love.

These words came up numerous times yesterday: love is all. The message now seems to be everywhere; it is self-evident. I am going to use these three words as my ‘power mantra’ (I’m calling it) – a short set of words that when I think of them, conjure up a whole set of powerful, positive emotions stacked on top of each other. My hope is that my power mantra will be useful when I get into situations involving disrespectful words, inconsiderate behaviour or unhelpful thinking. And of course, to believe truly that love is all is a lovely way of living life. It’s a lot to aspire to, so, like I say, one day at a time. It’s a long road ahead.