An unnatural history.

by therapyjourney

Maybe I have cracked up. I fully accept that madness is a part of my psyche. I embrace it, along with other absurd sides of life. Maybe I am particularly susceptible to crazy ideas that I can really get my teeth into, because I am running out of things to believe in – things I can actually put into practice. My situation could be worse but I am frustrated and thoroughly not where I want to be, surrounded by people I regard (not literally) as robots in a small town I sometimes loathe. Boredom is the most toxic of all chronic states, and when I fear the darkness within myself most it is during times of boredom.

During my trawl of the blogs I follow recently, I came across an article regarding Jimmy Savile which led  me to this 2012 article, in which David Icke tells of Savile’s role as a “fixer” to the royal family of the United Kingdom and how in fact the bloodlines of all royal families and other leaders in politics and business (which are in fact but one family) being founded on Satanism and other occult knowledge, in which paedophilia and ritual sacrifice play a key role.

My interest was piqued. I’ve always had a fascination with conspiracy theories, as they are condescendingly termed, and some time ago while I was in the United States I started getting into the Zeitgeist movement but have failed to do anything concerned with activism for this cause, only the passive activity of watching the films. Nevertheless, my consciousness was awakened, which is supposedly happening in fact on a grand scale – but still so many allow themselves to remain comatose, deadened by meaningless entertainment, the treadmill of consumer wants, and the demanding, unnecessary work that keeps them in voluntary slavery. Peter Joseph said, in the second of the Zeitgeist trilogy, “Physical slavery requires people to be housed and fed. Economic slavery requires the people to feed and house themselves”. And it is this that people are so busy doing that they see no alternative.

It was from this open-minded standpoint that I began to read Icke’s 1999 book, The Biggest Secret, the entire text of which is available to download in pdf format free. What I’m about to share isn’t presented as the truth, merely as an interesting theory that is capturing my attention currently. My blog in its entirety is a document of my journey from darkness to light, from anger to peace. What I write isn’t the doctrine of myself, merely the reflections of a person that recognises life is made of change, not least within my own mind. I write for clarity, for therapy, for outreach. I write for myself.

The story goes that a race within a race of interbreeding bloodlines centred in the Middle- and Near-East have complete control over the rest of humanity, having introduced complex structures such as religion, politics, the military, government and business, and known as the Babylonian Brotherhood. See, I told you it was a crackpot idea. Furthermore, this race is not fully human, but part shape-shifting reptile that inhabits the fourth dimension. Nor are they of Earth but they are from Mars! But, of course!

There is a lot of highly contentious information in Icke’s book about a highly evolved race that lived on Mars at a time when that planet was a lot closer to the sun – in the position that the Earth currently inhabits, in fact. Our other next door neighbour, Venus, was an ice-coated comet according to scientist of sorts Brian Desborough, and its collision with Mars was what caused billions of tons of ionised ice to be attracted to our magnetic poles, which before 4,500 BCE had no ice. This would answer the question of what caused the mammoth, a temperate grassland mammal, to die out so suddenly. More importantly, the collision caused the destruction of the highly advanced Mars race’s home planet. With nowhere to go, they decide to colonise the Earth, and went to war with the native race of the Earth.

Now this is an entirely preposterous conjecture if I take a step back from it for a moment, and I cannot find a satisfactory answer to the question of how did this Mars race get to Earth with their planet destroyed? Why are there no traces of their technology? It also gets very dangerous as we are talking about racial divides, which is not something our planet needs more of.

Separately to this strand, there is an idea put forward by scholar Zecharia Sitchin who has translated Sumerian tablets which date from 4,000 – 2,000 BCE, found in present-day Iraq. They reveal that an extra-terrestrial race known as the Anunnaki came to earth 450,000 years ago. Humans were created through interbreeding as a slave race. Homo erectus appears to have emerged in Africa about 1.5 million years ago. For over a million years their physical form seems to have remained the same, but then, out of nowhere, came the dramatic change to homo sapiens and an even more instantaneous change to homo sapiens sapiens, with complex language and massive brains, about 35,000 years ago. Icke “feels” that only a “race from a reptile genetic stream” could have been responsible for such tinkering. Almost every ancient culture has reference to some kind of lizard-like, humanoid reptile species.

This is a fantastic reworking of our natural history and if nothing else, a lesson in broadening in the mind through entertaining impossible concepts. It is all oddly compelling to me as I struggle with lack of direction and meaning in my own life during the current fallow period. I stress that I do not subscribe hook, line and sinker to Icke’s theories merely that they hold a lurid car-crash fascination for me. (Or perhaps the lady doth protest too much). I know I shouldn’t read this tripe, as it’s only going to mess with my head, but I am hooked for the time being – and goddammit I’m bored.